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Alva Genomics is a freelance bioinformatics company with more than 10 years’ experience in epigenetic, single cell and RNA-Sequencing data analysis. The main focus is to offer custom bioinformatics support beyond standard analysis for our clients. Alva Genomics specialises in vertebrate and plant data analysis including analysis of cancer genomics, immunology, plant epigenetics as well as the set-up of custom analysis pipelines. A typical workflow includes cloud-based computing on Amazon AWS in order to store and analyse your data.

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Collaborating with Sebastian over the past two years has significantly advanced our research. His expertise in developing tailored RNAseq pipelines and his commitment to knowledge sharing have empowered our team, enabling us to apply and further develop these tools. Highly recommended for top-tier expertise in the field!

Really knowledgeable and useful bioinformatics service

Alva Genomics enabled us to get the most of our small-RNA data, RNAseq and Methylseq data other services have struggled with. The analysis were nicely explained for non-bioinformaticians! It was also remarkable the excellent feedback that allowed us to adapt the analysis to our experimental design and desired output.

Senior bioinformatics expert who gets deeply engaged in the science

Due to his diverse skillset, Sebastian helped us deliver an important customer project. He went above an beyond what could be expected of a contractor: he took ownership of verifying data quality and delivered key scientific insights about the biological system that we studied. A really great scientific collaboration.

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It was my pleasure to having worked with and learned from Alva Genomics. They really helped propel the young bioinformaticians in our team forward and onward with their vast experience and practical examples.

Very responsive and enthusiastic about the science

Alva Genomics was amazing: very responsive and enthusiastic about the science. We're diving into scRNAseq and spatial transcriptomics, and with their guidance, we now have datasets we can explore on our own. Sebastian went beyond performing some analysis and was also very knowledgeable in training us on how to do it ourselves. We are a happy and returning customer..


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