Our Services

This is a small overview of the services that we offer and the expertise that we have. Can’t find your research topic?

Single Cell Data Analysis

Single cell data analysis gives insight into the transcriptomic state on a single cell level allowing to decipher cellular subpopulations within a tissue or organism. The bioinformatic analysis can include sequencing of single cells as well as nuclei and methods such as CITE-seq and more.

Analysis of RNA-Sequencing Data

The bioinformatic analysis of bulk RNA-Sequencing data gives insight into the transcriptome of a tissue or organism to study gene and pathway expression levels. Next to mRNA, we also offer the analysis of small RNAs such as microRNAs.

Epigenomics Data Analysis

We analyse NGS-data of the epigenomic state of a cell to help associate identified genomic sites to phenotypic attributes. This may include binding sites of transcription factors, segments of open chromatin, methylated CpG islands or histone locations as well as modifications.

Custom Software Solutions

We offer tailored bioinformatic pipelines (such as Nextflow or Snakemake) to fit your data analysis needs. Just contact us to discuss your specific research questions.

Long-read Analysis

We provide analysis of long-read data analysis such as ONT (Oxford nanopore) in collaboration with our partner nanozoo.

Plant and Vertebrate genetics

We are in particular experienced in human, mouse and plant data analysis including bioinformatic analysis of cancer genomics, immunology as well as plant epigenomics.

Cloud based computing

We offer to store and analyse your data on Amazon AWS making the most of what the cloud has to offer.

What we don't do

Since we specialize in bioinformatics in general and sequence analysis, however to maintain our focus we however won't do:

  • Image analysis
  • GUI development
  • Network analysis
  • Bacterial genomics