We would love to hear more about your research and how we can help you. There are different ways in which we can work together, to help you decide, we have prepared three price models for you to choose from.

Pay per hour

If you are not sure how much of our bioinformaticians time you will need, why not start small and pay per hour? This will give you full flexibility and you can upgrade to any of our other plans at any time. This will suite small projects with clear deliverables such as analysing a specific dataset or writing custom scripts.

Pay per project

This package is for larger projects that run for a fixed period. In this model the bioinformaticians and clients define goals, timelines, and deliverables for data analysis. This package is ideal for custom software, pipeline or database construction with clearly defined deliverables.

Rent a bioinformatician

This is the perfect package if you need a bioinformatician for a long-term project but the workload isn't quite enough to recruit in-house. We offer close collaboration with our consultants from several months to years. For instance, you could hire 0.3 FTE for 2 years and receive 30% of a consultant’s time. This could be perfect for a longer study or an open-ended project.